Employee Spotlight


Gina Houchens

Gina joined our team in October of 2013 and quickly become a key player in the success of the Lynnwood Convention Center. Since that time, she has proven to be a highly valued asset for the Go To Crew and has also helped out in the kitchen and as a server on occasion! Gina has proven to be capable but also brings a cheerful and upbeat presence to the workplace which seems to affect everyone around her in a positive way.

Gina is somewhat of a classic movie buff and enjoys spending hours watching the movies like Casablanca, What's Up Doc, and Morocco. She loves listening to music too, especially jazz, blues and classic rock. Her favorite singer is Michael Buble. In her free time Gina loves hiking, trail running and other healthy outdoor activities. Looking forward, Gina wants to take more creative writing courses and finish exploring the State of Washington.

Thank you for your hard work and great attitude, Gina!