Employee Spotlight


Rory Anderson

This has been a great year so far for LCC and Rory Anderson has played no small part in that. On any given day you can find him setting tables and chairs with the Go-To Crew, installing audio and video equipment, polishing our building to a fine shine or 25' in the air adjusting our theatrical lighting. 

Mostly you notice his ready smile and positive attitude which infects all who interact with him. He was recently promoted to Shift Lead and has continued to take on more responsibility and settle in to his leadership role helping us fulfill our events to the highest standards.

Rory's interests include playing soccer and creating objects on his 3D printer. So far he has made everything from action figures to iPhone cases and there seems to be no end in sight. He is currently pursuing a degree in graphic design and is hoping to turn his 3D printing obsession in to a business in the future.

Congratulations Rory on this award and for all your hard work!