Catering Team

To Call in Sick...

 To Call in Sick please call the Front Desk at (425) 778-7155 and provide the receptionist the following information:

  • Name
  • Position
  • Supervisor
  • Scheduled shift time
  • Reason for absence

Once you have provided the above information to the receptionist, please call Dan on his cell phone at (925) 822-8008 and provide him the same information.


Email is not to be used to call in sick!  Emailing that you will not be in does NOT constitute proper call off!  If you fail to make a phone call, any absense will be considered a No-Call-No-Show.


Catering Staff Schedule!!

Job Codes

The catering is scheduled with a number of job codes to indicate different duties on any one day.  Please come to work prepared to perform the assigned job.

C=Banquet Captain     BCap=Bar Captain     BT=Bartender     CC=Concession Cart    

S=Server (all uncoded shifts are server shifts)

February 13-19

February 20-26