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Art Exhibits

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“Spectra”, by local artist Doug Hansen, stands 35 feet tall and is created from an array of steel, fused glass and fiber optics. This unique art piece is located just outside the Convention Center on the corner of 36th Ave. and 196th St. SW.

Just inside the 1st level entrance, guests can step onto Rick Mullarky’s interactive floor “Terrapixel” a 64-glass tile installation, generating a light display, commemorating the Convention Center’s state of the art design.



The Lynnwood Convention Center and Acorn Studios are working together to display art from local artists throughout the Convention Center. The mediums vary from painting, photography, and mixed media to contemporary quilting.
The exhibitions are rotated twice a year and with each installation there is an Artist Reception where the artists can talk about their work and answer questions from the public.

The public is welcome to come and view the current art exhibits during Convention Center regular business hours, Monday-Friday 8:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. The Art Exhibit can be viewed in the evenings and on weekends when the building is open for events.

Information about the artists currently being showcased can be viewed below.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the art or to apply to display your artwork at the Lynnwood Convention Center, please email anmorgan@mac.com.

Artist Reception

Join us for our bi- annual Artist Reception and meet the artists while enjoying complimentary house-made appetizers and a no-host bar.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Current Exhibit:


As a fiber artist, Chung often choose to paint on linen. The soft natural way that linen absorbs and blends paint allows Chung to recreate the soft colors found in nature. Chung has also chosen to include hand sewn embroidery, a medium she is constantly working with and enjoys to this day.

Jung’s painting theme is Seattle Story. She has been living in the Seattle area since immigrating from Seoul, Korea. As you remember the movie "Interstellar", Seattle is Jung’s imaginary "Interstellar" where she started a new life. That's the reason her painting theme is Seattle Story. It is reflecting her blessed life through painting.

Ultimately, the paintings are a visual record of an unplanned dialogue between Kim and a blank canvas. Kim’s abstract paintings reflect the expressionistic energy and refined color sensibility influenced by Wassily Kandinsky, Piet Mondrian, Wolf Kahn, and Mark Rothko.

In this present body of abstract paintings, Kim developed a visual language that was taken from ordinary life in Seattle. She tries to create the sense of weather and temperature through exploring the relationship between space and color.

A former college professor from Seoul, Korea, Dr. Kim has a warm interest in nature and things that may not be noticed by other people. He has had the good fortune to showcase his paintings in three different solo exhibitions in Korea. He also writes poetry as well.

Kim draws horses because it enables him to balance yin (negative) and yang (positive) energy in his vocational and personal life. To focus on feeling and practicing energy work, Kim uses limited mediums like charcoal, graphic pencils, and black (Sumi) ink.

Kim’s work is about emotions. She focuses on capturing stories from her object and recreating them into a painting to inspire the viewer’s perception of emotion and recollection.
Color and composition are Kim’s main challenges to engage in various forms of emotion. She applies knowledge of available resources, tools, and techniques to portray emotions. A variety of mediums are also used to allow Kim’s observation and imagination into a work of art.

Kwon’s inspiration comes from observing the beauty and innocent nature of wildlife. As an emerging artist living in the Northwest, Kwon enjoys painting all lifeforms of nature and wildlife a she attempts to capture God’s blessing placed for us from the beginning. These are the foundation and an essence of their artwork. Painting wildlife pieces is especially entertaining and wonderful, because it allows Kwon time to conceive a story as those characters come alive through imagination. Salmon is one of Kwon’s subjects because she wants to capture a fascinating love story of a lifelong journey and struggles to return to its birth place to complete a circle of life. Through Kwon’s artwork, she wants to express peace, harmony and humor and offer a warm and joyful atmosphere to the viewers.

Namkung likes taking photos that capture nature’s sounds and movements. With art, she feels nature. Namkung feels so lucky to live in the Northwest amongst green and water. She keeps focus until she finds a pure moment to shoot from, even unexpected places. Namkung’s two little eyes are like the lenses and iris of a camera.


Nam hopes to remind people of the beauty of our everyday natural landscapes in a unique, yet traditional fashion. The inspiration for all of Nam’s pieces comes from local photographs or what Nam has seen. Like the scenery around us, Nam’s works can seem cluttered, confusing and ordinary if examined closely. Each individual thread, clump of felt and stitch of embroidery is like a single tree, cloud or rock. They are all important to the scene, but mean very little if viewed individually. However, take a few steps back, and the colors and materials mix correctly to give life and unity to Nam’s works and the environment. Nam’s background in Fabric Arts influenced the decision to use fabrics and threads while experiences in Computer Graphics Design gave Nam a better eye for mixing colors, and inspired experimenting with mixed media. With each piece, Nam hopes to capture the essence of the scene and immerse the viewer as if we are standing there together. Therefore, the medium and size of the work depends on the energy of the setting Nam wishes to share.

Park is a musician-turned artist. Her earlier education includes a diploma from Seoul Art High School, a bachelor’s degree in piano performance from Seoul National University, and a master’s degree in piano performance and pedagogy from University of Idaho. She taught music at high schools and ran private piano studios prior to pursuing her life-long dream to project her musical senses and emotions as a musician onto the canvas of fine art. She studied painting under Professor Giese at University of Idaho. Yang’s early works in painting were received extremely well by the local art community of Northern Idaho. A significant number of her paintings are still on display in many conference halls and open areas of public interest on the University of Idaho campus. Yang moved to the Puget Sound area and joined the KAAW in 2013. She is an active member of the art organization.

Oh loves to paint trees; especially the big and old ones. He believes that each tree has its own story. By just looking at them, Oh can see how strong they are. They cannot move so they must endure and adapt to the weather that surrounds them. Through this process of constant change comes strength and a sense of intelligence. Oh loves to paint trees to share their story.

Wong’s paintings tell stories. Those stories get deeper with Wong’s collage works, as it further reflects the artist’s feelings and imaginings. Wong was fascinated with alphabet characters from all languages while doing graphics design. Now Wong is captivated by how each season’s unique colors and fragrances stir the emotions. It’s these emotions that Wong applies on canvas.

Anyone of us goes through ups and downs each day. Each of us has something that is meaningful and precious or meaningless and trifling. Yet, it doesn’t take long for us to recognize that something is precious amidst mundane things. Lee’s artworks capture those everyday moments which we tend to easily lose the sight of. In my daily existence, Lee recognizes in self “an obtuse person” who is regretting and longing for the things that were not appreciated previously. Anyone can have such an experience. Lee wants to recollect such a reflection and depict an earnest feeling of cherishing every second in drawings and paintings.

The artist wants to capture daily activities like eating, resting, driving and working, which can happen instantly without a serious contemplation in great details so that the sceneries, still objects, and people in Lee’s artworks can transpire the in depth feeling of those exact moments. Hence, the main theme of Lee’s paintings is “mundane yet cheerful everyday existence.” Lee utilizes oil painting, color pencils, and other materials and employ painting and drawing techniques to put images on canvas.
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