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Art Exhibits - 2018 H2

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“Spectra”, by local artist Doug Hansen, stands 35 feet tall and is created from an array of steel, fused glass and fiber optics. This unique art piece is located just outside the Convention Center on the corner of 36th Ave. and 196th St. SW.

Just inside the 1st level entrance, guests can step onto Rick Mullarky’s interactive floor “Terrapixel” a 64-glass tile installation, generating a light display, commemorating the Convention Center’s state of the art design.


The Lynnwood Convention Center and Acorn Studios are working together to display art from local artists throughout the Convention Center. The mediums vary from painting, photography, and mixed media to contemporary quilting. The exhibitions are rotated twice a year and with each installation there is an Artist Reception where the artists can talk about their work and answer questions from the public.

The public is welcome to come and view the current art exhibits during Convention Center regular business hours, Monday - Friday 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M. The art exhibit can be viewed in the evenings and on weekends when the building is open for events.

Information about the artists currently being showcased can be viewed below.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the art you can email anmorgan@mac.com. To apply to display your artwork at the Lynnwood Convention Center, please complete the art submission form. Please email anmorgan@mac.com with questions.

Artists' Reception

Join us for our bi- annual Artists' Reception. This free event is a great opportunity to meet the featured artists while enjoying complimentary house-made appetizers and a no-host bar.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Current Exhibit: "Inventing with Color & Light"

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Amanda Adams

About the Artist:

Amanda Adams is a self-taught painter. Her work distills feelings of space, emptiness, and fullness into large, lively, and sometimes crude physical form akin to the rough elegance of nature. She uses various media, from graphite and charcoal, to oil and acrylic paint. She paints primarily on the floor so she can live inside her paintings. She is guided by her breath and uses meditation as a tool of creation.

Amanda was born in Southern California in 1977, and began painting at age 15. She began exploring abstract and figurative painting while living in Quebec many years later. Amanda found her consciousness impacted by the connection between a boundless and ever-changing Canadian landscape, and the spacious desert of her childhood, elements present in each of her works. Amanda now lives in Washington with her family, and relishes the freedom she feels when creating abstract paintings.

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Linda Bergeron

From the Artist:

I was born and raised in the Midwest, and after years of traveling and living in other places, finally decided to settle in the Pacific Northwest. I have always loved and appreciated the outdoors, and spend as much time as possible basking and reveling in its wonders. When I’m not painting, you can find me trail running, spending time with my family, or sharing with other’s my passion for art. I have been teaching art for 24 years as a means to help satiate my hunger for art and to help others find their true artistic talents.

Growing up in a family where expressing emotions was not encouraged and out of the box thinking was not appreciated, I found solace in art at a very young age. Art has continued to be my true companion and an invaluable means of emotional expression throughout my life.

When I share my visuals translations with others, I absorb the sensational impact it has on them and treasure the poignant dialogue. It is the welcomed exchange of thoughtful perspectives which feeds my unyielding determination to paint.

My acrylic mixed media canvas paintings are visual translations of my inner thoughts, emotions, memories, and experiences. I believe in taking risks with intense color, textural fibers and reflective materials. Not knowing the outcome, I rely on a fertile faith, and listen for an inner voice to determine direction and finality.

I’m passionate about color, light and movement, and it’s vivid interplay with personal sentiments. The emotional impact of color, light and the unpredictable nature of life provide me with abundant subject matter.

Just because one sees something, does that mean it’s believable and unwavering? I love to investigate this question on canvas by revealing multiple perspectives of thoughts and feelings using environmental elements in nature. Hand dyes fibers, broken glass, and other recycled mixed media embellish my compositions to enhance the textural appeal.

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CJ Elsip

About the Artist:

British artist C J Elsip has dedicated her life to her art for over 30 years throughout a life's journey of painful trauma, survival and healing that has provided her a great depth of empathic and visionary insight. After a near-death experience in her early 20's forever altered her perception, C J discovered her creative life-purpose and went on to earn her BA Hons Degree in Fine Art from Leeds University in 1996. She began her career specializing in oil painting, and by 2005, the artist began to emerge onto the international art scene with an exhibition in New York, and a growing number of collectors in the UK, USA, Germany, Japan and New Zealand.

In 2011, the artist permanently relocated to Washington State, USA, and now currently resides and works in an enchanting location nestled between three majestic volcanic mountains and surrounded by ancient forests, glaciers and meadows from which she draws a constant source of creative inspiration.
UK artist C J Elsip’s uniquely inspirational approach to oil painting results in stunning visionary images with a vibrant intensity of light and visual depth. Pure complementary colors resonate through her work, whilst semi-transparent layers partially obscure hidden depths, drawing the viewer further into the image to contemplate on what lies beyond the surface. The imagery in C J’s work may initially appear somewhat recognizable but this swiftly changes into an abstract unfolding of multi-layered concepts, creating wonderful dynamic tensions whilst evoking a strong sense of the mystical.

“Aiming for a careful balance between spontaneous creative expression, and a more intentional, considered, application of paint, I frequently find myself engaged in an ongoing dialogue with light, shade, color, shape and form. Seemingly random painterly gestures evoke, for me, a variety of conceptual associations, forming a visual language or symphony that communicates in an almost primeval manner. I will clarify, refine or define some imagery as it suggests to me coherent concept or narrative, while other forms are left retaining a more ethereal state of infinite potential. My entire creative process is all about communing with and expressing the spiritual essence of creative forces and an eternally evolving sense of conscious awareness that permeates all of life itself”

From landscape and nature, through parallels and patterns within micro- and macro-cosmic dimensions into metaphysics and psychology, C J Elsip’s bold, vibrant paintings express a deep fascination and exploratory journey through all the colors, flavors, shades, depths and heights of life, nature and consciousness - while perpetually leading us on an illuminating journey toward the brilliant light in all her works

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About the Artist:

Born in Seattle, Betker enjoyed a peripatetic childhood throughout the Pacific Northwest. Trained as a child in classical piano and having earned a bachelor’s degree in Russian literature, she began working professionally in fiber and fine arts in 1977, represented in fine craft and art galleries. In early years she participated in Best of the Northwest, Bumbershoot, Pacific Northwest Arts and Crafts Fair, and other arts fairs, winning awards for her work. She was a founding member of Artisans Northwest. More recently her work has been purchased at Mercer Island Gallery, Alki Arts and Burnley Gallery in Seattle, Tsuga Gallery in Bothell, Matzke Fine Art on Camano Island, Jamieson Furniture Gallery in Bellevue, Ryan James Fine Arts in Kirkland, Art Stall Gallery at Pike Place Market, and Childhood‘s End Gallery in Olympia, as well as from exhibits hosted by regional businesses and residential communities. She actively collaborates with clients on commissioned work, including corporate entities, families and individuals. Current representation includes Emerald C Gallery (Coronado, California), Women Painters of Washington Gallery (Seattle), Genoa Cellars Tasting Room (Woodinville), Pacific Fine Art (Raymond), Puget Sound Group Gallery (Seattle), her North Seattle studio, and through her website. She leads occasional workshops in various media. She is a past board member of Puget Sound Group of Northwest Artists and Seattle Co-Arts and currently serves on the boards of Women Painters of Washington.

As the last in a long sequence of side hustles, Betker is a licensed Washington State court reporter.

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Hyosoon Jung

From the Artist:

My painting theme is Seattle Story. Seattle is my interstellar where I have been living since I immigrated from Seoul Korea. I focus on reflecting love and warmth in my painting. My heart goes with it. I whisper my Seattle story while my brush touches on the texture.


I have only child and work for Madigan Army Medical Center as a primary care provider. I have been president of the Korean American Artists Association of WA (KAAW) from 2017 to current.

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From the Artist:

I am fascinated with nature and the curving organic shapes that it contains in abundance—especially in flowers. I enjoy making intimate portraits of nature on a grand scale using color, shape, and lighting to create drama. With a formal training in graphic design, I am not only interested in the main subject, but also the negative space around the subject and how they combine to make a dynamic painting. I enjoy experimenting with color and sometimes will create a painting that is all about one color, but contains a multitude of variations from cool to warm. I aim to create a powerful image to give the viewer a sense of the canvas glowing from within.
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From the Artist:

I am seduced by color and surface. In my abstract work, the process is intuitive and driven by a very specific end goal...With my landscape work I spend hours developing layers before I even begin to convey the natural scene I wish to share with the viewer.My goal is to express emotion in its most accessible forms, in color, shape and light. If my work energizes you or allows your mind to drift, I have been successful.

With the paintings for the “Color and Light” Exhibition, I moved my landscapes towards more abstraction, so that the emotion expressed by the light and the color would be more prominent than the implied landscape. I paint hours each day…some work’ makes it out of the studio alive and those are the ones that you are able to see in this Exhibition. Feel free to explore other work on my website carolrossart.com.

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About the Artist:

Seattle native Lisa Snow Lady has a Bachelor of Arts in fine art and art history and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting from the University of Washington. She worked as a graphic designer for several years before devoting full time to fine art. A self-directed artist residency at Centrum in Fort Worden in Port Townsend, Washington in 2010 enabled her to turn her focus to painting the surrounding landscape, dwellings, and portray a sense of place. Lisa’s love of finding beauty in the ordinary sprang from her study of seventeenth century Dutch masters, including the genre paintings of Vermeer, and an extended stay in the Netherlands. Her love of gardens led her to pursue studies in ornamental horticulture. Having traveled extensively, filling up watercolor journals, she is passionate about teaching her watercolor sketching tips in various locations around the region.

The University of Washington Medical Center, Swedish Medical Center, Evergreen Hospital, and Safeco Corporation have Lisa’s work in their collections, and Harbinger Winery in Port Angeles and Woodward Canyon Winery in Walla Walla have featured her art on their artist series labels.

Lisa is represented by Harris/Harvey in Seattle, Washington, and Imogen Gallery in Astoria, Oregon.

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