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Exhibitor Policies

Welcome to the Lynnwood Convention Center! We look forward to helping you plan and produce your event.

In order to deliver the kind of successful event you and your attendees expect, a smooth, well-coordinated relationship between our staff and your event team is needed. In helping establish just this kind of relationship, we prepared this guide.

You may be a seasoned event veteran, having already worked with us; you may be planning your first event at our facility, or this might even be the first time you have ever worked with a convention center anywhere. We hope you find this planning tips helpful.

If you have questions about any of the information, please contact your Event Manager at your convenience.


This individual is assigned to work with you and your team from initial planning through move-out. Your Event Manager is your principal source of information during the planning process and a valuable “right hand” once you arrive on-site. He or she answers your questions and conveys information to our team members. Communication with your Event Manager assures your event is well-planned and effortlessly executed.


Sixty (60) to Forty-five (45) days prior to your event, you should provide your Event Manager with information for room(s) set and schedule. This is also the time to finalize your food and beverage selections. If there is a bar during your event, your decision on what type of bar, full or beer and wine only, and the payment type for your bar, hosted or cash, should be decided at this time.

Thirty (30) days prior to your event please submit your Certificate of Insurance in accordance with Article 6.A of your License Agreement. If you would like the Lynnwood Convention Center to secure insurance for you, now is the time to discuss your options with your Event Manager.

Five (5) days prior to your event your Event Manager will provide you with your Final Confirmation. The Final Confirmation shows all the details of your event and includes orders for food and beverage, audio visual, room set, and other details. Read through your Final Confirmation information carefully and let your Event Manager know of any changes, and then sign the document and send it back to your Event Manager. The Final Confirmation will show your remaining balance. This balance amount must be paid at least three (3) days before your event.

Three (3) days prior to the event, the balance owed per the provided Final Confirmation estimate must be received. At this time, you also need to provide your Final Guarantee, the total number of people who will be receiving food. If you are having a plated meal with two or more entrees, please specify the count for each entrée. Once determined, the final guarantee is not subject to decrease. If an increase is requested by the client after the guarantee has been submitted, and the Convention Center can accommodate, a 25% overage fee will be added to any additional entrees.

Final payment for all food and beverage and all other ancillary goods and services remaining due upon the conclusion of your event is due within thirty (30) days of invoicing.


Vendor Services
During the unloading and loading times for your event, the Convention Center will provide a Vendor Service Representative. This person will be located either on the Loading dock for all tradeshows on the Upper Floor or by Lower Front Door for all tradeshows on the Lower Floor. The Vendor Services Representative will assist vendors in finding their booths, assist vendors in securing additional power or equipment, and assist vendors with general inquiries about the building. This service is complimentary unless your tradeshow requires additional services from the representative.

Food and Beverage Guidelines
Lynnwood Convention Center is the exclusive food and beverage provider. Outside food and beverage is prohibited. The Convention Center offers a wide assortment of menu selections and options sure to satisfy any pallet. Event Managers can also assist in custom, themed or ethnic cuisine elements for any event.

Lynnwood Convention Center owns one concession cart stand able to be placed in a number of locations throughout the facility. The cart can be operated as a light snack and beverage station or include larger selections upon request. Concession cart offerings can be hosted by you or offered on a “cash” basis in which guests pay for their own selections.

Security & Medical
The Convention Center provides 24-hour security cameras for general building security.
The client agrees to have on hand, always, sufficient security and medical personnel to maintain order and protect all persons and property. Some events may be required to provide approved security staff and/or law enforcement personnel since City of Lynnwood Police Officers (Washington State Patrol Troopers may be scheduled if city police are unavailable) are the only organizations authorized to provide armed security services.

Event Managers can coordinate requirements with local security and medical contractors. All security and medical charges will be applied to the Final Confirmation. Medical, security and police personnel have a minimum shift requirement of four hours. The Convention Center reserves the right to set the final staffing levels and hours required by for event.

Area of Security Staff may include:
• Crowd control before, during, and after tradeshow hours
• Exhibit area security patrol
• Registration or ticket sales area security
• After-hours exhibit area security
• V.I.P. or cash security and escort
• Door Guard/Fire Watch

Exhibitor Marshaling Yard
For large tradeshows/consumer shows the Convention Center may require the use of a marshaling yard for the staging of any truck activity to avoid queuing in and around the Convention Center. Additionally, the Convention Center may require designated parking lot attendants to assist with the marshalling of trucks. You are responsible for all costs associated with the operation of the marshalling yard.

Vendor Tables/Booth
The Lynnwood Convention Center can provide vendor tables/booths and power. Our tabletop booths include the table, three-sided table linen, two chairs, and a wastebasket. You will be billed directly for all vendor tables. Full pipe and draped booths can be arranged by the Convention Center or directly through an outside decorator. Outside decorating companies can also be used for booth setup at the discretion of the client.

Electrical Services
Complimentary power adapter with two outlets is included in each room you rent. These outlets may not be used for exhibitor or sub-vendor use.

Edlen Electric is the exclusive provider of exhibitor and show management electrical service for the Convention Center, However, all power needs can be coordinated through your Event Manager and included on the Final Confirmation. All requirements must be given no later than two weeks out prior to the event. Licensee will have final approval of all orders five business days before the event. All equipment pricing and services are per event, includes set up and strike labor and is subject to Washington State sales tax. Actual invoice will reflect any additions made onsite.

Rigging is allowed in 2DE and 1DEF and a few areas on the Upper and Lower Concourse. Rigging must be done by an outside contractor; your Event Manager must be notified of the rigging that will be done and should receive contact information for the contracting company that is performing the rigging. For specific questions about rigging, contact your Event Manager directly.

Subject to the Convention Center approval, clients or their vendors who manufacture, process or distribute food as their normal course of business and wish to distribute food samples, may be allowed to offer free samples no larger than three ounces. Contact your Event Manager for prior approval.

Clients and vendors who do not manufacture, process or distribute food as their normal course of business and would like to distribute food items must purchase these items through the Convention Center. If your vendors would like to provide food and/or beverages to the attendee, please have them contact your Event Managers directly. No selling of food or beverage is permitted.

The Convention Center will maintain all common lobbies and rooms. You are responsible for cleaning up your event materials and décor. Additional housekeeping costs may be incurred for extraordinary cleaning requirements.

Garbage Removal
Standard trash removal and recycling services are included with your room rental. Appropriate waste containers are provided throughout the facility.

Arrangements for the disposal of any anticipated large trash or recycle quantities, or handling of specialized waste removal such as food waste, shipping crates, pallets, large volumes of packaging materials, etc. should be made through your Event Manager. Arrangements for vendor trash should also be made with your Event Manager before your tradeshow. Appropriate fees may be assessed for large or specialized waste volumes
Booth Guidelines
Clear aisles and pathways must be maintained on tradeshow floors. As such, booths must stay within the booth space and should not bleed into the aisles.

The following decor items are permitted within a booth:
• Latex Balloons – If balloons escape into the ceiling, a removal fee will be charged.
• Candles inside a vase or within a hurricane cover. The top of the candlewick must be at least 1 inch below the top of the vase or hurricane.
• Centerpieces Materials: including flowers, feathers, picture frames, chargers, bottles, etc.
• Specialty Linen

The following décor items are prohibited within a booth:
• Mylar Balloons
• Fire/Free Standing Candles
• Glitter/Confetti
• Pop-up Tents/Free standing structures with ceilings
• Dirt
• Hay
• Chalk
• Smoke/haze machines

If you have any questions about a specific item, contact your Event Manager.

Plumbing Guidelines
Limited plumbing services are available at the Convention Center. Clients requesting these services must consult with their Event Manager 30 days prior to the move in date.

The Convention Center does not provide equipment for ongoing service needs (i.e. spa or pool filtering or heating systems). A drain service will consist of the simple emptying of a container into a city storm drain. The water must be uncontaminated, untreated, and not cause a hazard to the environment. Water supply and drain service fees are based on gallons of usage. Labor charges to fill, monitor or drain client equipment will also apply. The client assumes all risk and responsibility for damage caused by water, sewer, and drain leaks.

Vehicle Displays
Vehicles can be displayed in Room 2DE. If you plan to display vehicles, let your Event Manager know so they can work with you on the layout of the room. The rules for displaying vehicles are as follows:
• Car must have at least 6’ of spacing between cars.
• No vehicle may be started or operated within any assembly building during the event hours.
• A visqueen or other liquid-proof barrier must be placed under each car to catch any leaking fluids.
• All fuel tank openings shall be locked or sealed in an approved manner to prevent escape of vapors. Where it is not feasible to seal or lock the opening the fuel tank will be empty. Draining of the tank shall not occur in the Convention Center building.
• Adding or removing fuel on site is prohibited (must be done outdoors).
• A vehicle key for each vehicle must be on-site at all times with an individual with authority to move it in case of emergency.
• Fuel in the fuel tank shall not exceed one quarter of the tank capacity or 5 gallons (18.9 L), whichever is less.

For proprietary reasons and for the safety of our guests and the building structure drones, unmanned aircraft systems (“UAS"), unmanned aircraft ("UA"), remotely operated aircraft ("ROA"), unmanned aerial vehicles ("UAVs"), and other similar devices, including Radio-Operated Blimps, are not permitted inside the Lynnwood Convention Center. Due to the Convention Center's proximity to major freeway access points and interchanges, as well as to Paine Field, drones and unmanned aircraft are not permitted anywhere on the Center’s property including exterior walkways and parking areas.

Due to limited space, the Convention Center cannot accept advance freight shipments more than one business day before the effective date of the License Agreement. Exhibit freight should be directed to a contracted show decorator or freight handler with instructions to deliver to the Convention Center within 24 hours of the effective date(s) of the License Agreement.
Deliveries arriving during move-in or show days will be directed to the on-site representative of your contracted freight service.

In the event the client does not have a contracted show decorator or freight service, all deliveries arriving during the period of the License Agreement will be received by the Convention Center and delivered to client’s event space. Should there be special requirements for delivery of event materials, including over-sized freight, crates, pallets, please contact your Event Manager. Lynnwood Convention Center/SMG does not take responsibility for incomplete, mislabeled shipments, un-packing, opening of crates and disposal. If a vendor is shipping weight restrictive items, it’s the responsibility of the Vendor or Client to arrange assistance with these types of items.

If you are planning on shipping items to the Convention Center, please notify the Vendor Services Team by completing the Vendor Shipping Form.

The Convention Center has no facilities for the storage of exhibitor or show management freight. During show day(s), empty cases and crates must either be stored offsite or kept inside the licensed space, but is subject to Fire Regulations. Cases, crates and boxes cannot be stored on the loading dock. All remaining event materials must be removed from the Convention Center by the expiration of the License Agreement


Load in/ out can only take place within your contracted time. When working with your Event Manager please be specific about your load in/out timing on your event schedule.

Load in/out should occur through the loading bays only, not through the front entrances. The Convention Center provides a limited number of flatbed carts on a first-come, first-served basis. To avoid congestion and delays, clients/exhibitors are encouraged to bring their own wheeled equipment to help with freight movement.

Only the freight elevator should be use to move materials between the floors. The passenger elevator should not be used. The freight elevator is located on the east side of the loading dock and can be accessed through the roll doors. This elevator has a 10,000 lbs. capacity with 8’x8’ door opening and a 12.5’ deep landing.

Loading Dock
The Convention Center Loading Dock is located on Level 2 immediately adjacent to 2DE. There are two standard height bays with dock levelers and one ground level load in door available for client/vendor use. Bay 3, the ground-level roll door, is the most convenient option for smaller load-ins. The raised loading bays are best for vehicles higher than six to nine feet (6’-9’). Because of limited space, vehicles should unload/load as quickly as possible in the loading dock then move to the parking lot. Except during active loading/unloading, vehicles are prohibited from parking in the loading dock area without the express written permission of the Convention Center staff.

Move Out Times
Clients and all associated vendors must vacate the Convention Center by the end time listed on License Agreement. Failure to do so, may incur additional charges.

All event related pallets and crates must be removed from the facility by the expiration of the License Agreement. A disposal fee for each remaining empty pallet and/or crate will be added to the final invoice, as well as any damage due to the improper use.
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