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Chaim Bezalel & Yonnah Ben Levy

Featured Works of Art

Cascade Autumn I & II

Cascade Autumn I & II

Mixed Media with Acrylics
18" x 43"
$1,750 each
Davis Slough

Davis Slough

Mixed Media with Acrylics
40" x 30"
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Artists' Statement

We have been collaborating since 1990 and we also work individually. In 2002 we opened Stanwood House Gallery & Art Center, in Stanwood, Washington in a restored, hundred year old landmark building to which we added a modern, architecturally designed ceramics studio. Our collaboration began pretty much at the beginning of our relationship. In order to collaborate, one must be suited to it, because it is a dance in which, in our case, each partner leads at different times. We are working with the subjects, compositions, colors, and techniques in a staged process, with one handing off to the other. Painting is always a relationship, between the painter and the subject and the materials. Our technique also includes the relationship between ourselves. The photographer submits to having his composition painted over, sometimes obscured, and the painter is content to paint her partner’s image, although she gets to select which she wants to paint. . In many of the paintings the underlying photograph shows through in some areas, or the frame of the photograph is maintained. When we began, we put aside all of our individual artistic pursuits in order to create this collaboration, and now we are secure enough to work both individually and together. So basically, we are like three artists.

Artists' Biography

Bezalel-Levy is the combined signature of Chaim Bezalel and Yonnah Ben Levy, a husband and wife collaboration. We have been collaborating since 1990 on mixed media paintings combining photography and oils, oil pastels, or acrylics on rice paper, canvas, or linen. Yonnah is a Seattle native with deep roots in the area. Chaim is a native of New York who studied film at Northwestern University and spent years as a nature photographer. Yonnah has been an artist and art teacher for many years. She has a Master of Art for Teachers from University of Washington. The two met and married in Israel where they lived during the 1990's. Many of their larger landscape paintings are in public venues including Kaiser Permanente, several Providence Hospitals, and Snohomish County Courthouse, to name a few. They have had numerous shows including a recent museum show at Cambridge University.

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