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Deborah Barten

Featured Works of Art

Painting of a Crow

The Lookout

Acrylic, Mixed Media
Size: 24" x 36"
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About the Artist

The use of found materials in my work is at the core of my expression. I am always looking for unexpected fragments of nature that cross my path. I usually find them “hiding in plain sight” as I form a connection to a shape, a texture or a color. The Pacific coast is my home and my heart song. Bits and pieces from the beach provide me endless opportunities to complete my visual story. Using texture and layers of color, three dimensional forms are incorporated for emphasis of my desired effect. One of the major objectives in creating a painting is to honor the beauty of ordinary; the simplicity yet complexity of what we ignore or dismiss.


Education: BFA in Textile Design, BA in Art Education-Western Washington University

Profession: Art Educator for 30 years

Professional Awards - Seconday and Art Teacher of the Year, Washington State. Art Education Tribute Award, Secondary and Art Teacher of the Year, Pacific Region.

Artist Exhibition:

  • Lynnwood Convention Center
  • Schack Art Center
  • Edmonds Art Festival
  • Ocean Shores Art Festival
  • Maryhill Art Museum Gallery
  • Tieton 10 x10
  • 6 x 6 NW Shorelake Art
  • Western Washington University Art Gallery
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