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Enid Smith Becker


Painting of fall trees around a river


Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 30" x40"
Painting, abstract, port in gray colors


Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 30" x 40"
Painting, abstract, boats at sea


Acrylic on Canvas
Size: 24" x 30"
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About the Artist

Each one of us brings our memories and desires to all we see. In a time when our lands are threatened there is a pressing imperative to find a common vocabulary, to create a reminder of the solace often found in nature. Edmund Burke spoke about the sublime experience and its power to transform the self. I am interested in a contemporary version of the sublime through the creation of a fluid visual experience; one which mirrors our interactions with time and place.

My paintings are semi-abstracted landscapes and natural images. Oceans, fields, mountains and rivers, botanicals: these images serve as a bridge between us and the natural world. Within each painting I create multiple views of the subject in order to keep the eye moving over the picture plane, the geometric meshing with the organic, humans responding to nature in a constantly changing dialogue. These frames are also highly contemporary, as this is how we see the world around us on a daily basis: through the lenses of time, space and scale as we frame our experience though the screen of a mobile device. The paintings are not the simple depiction of a place but a reminder of our longing for nature and the concomitant complexities of our relationship with the natural world.

I grew up near Seattle and am often inspired by northwest colors and textures.The layering of images, my observation and interpretation of what I see is for me, a metaphorical rebuilding of the land. Painted in acrylic on canvas, some of the works are heavily textured in places, some are smoother. During the process of painting each work develops it’s own voice yet all are a call to stop and observe, to be moved by the power and beauty of nature.


Enid Smith Becker works in the Seattle area. Inspired by the complex dynamic between humans and the surrounding world, her paintings remind us of the powerful capacity of nature’s beauty to transform the self. Working from a contemporary understanding of the sublime, she presents a fluid, multifaceted experience that mirrors our own interactions with place and time. The layering of multiple perspectives invites the viewer to see the world through shifting lenses of time, scale, and space. Painted in acrylic on canvas, the work is often heavily textured in places, with layers of acrylic paint, fabric, natural materials, and paper. She studied art at the University of Washington and teaches art in the area. Her work is in numerous collections around the US and abroad. Enid is represented by the Seattle Art Museum Sales Gallery.

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