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Marcel Schwarb

featured works of art

Thumbnail ilmage of artwork; closeup of sailboat docked at marina

All is Calm

Size: 25.5" x 31.5”
Thumbnail ilmage of artwork; closeup of tugboat on water


Size: 25.5" x 37.5”
Thumbnail of painting: closeup of boats floating on the water

Shades of Blue

Size: 25.5"x 25.5"
thumbnail of painting: boats in a marina

Marina Throng

Size: 25.5" x 25.5"
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About the Artist

My style is impressionistic and semi-abstract. I strive for a balance between realism and abstraction in all my subjects. As a career architect, I developed a great appreciation for the fundamentals of good drawing and composition. I’m always searching for a unique point of view; something unexpected. Upon retirement, I began painting in pastels for their bold and vivid color, but now I paint mostly in acrylics and oils.

I paint because I have a passion for it, and it's my method of self-expression when I get inspired by the beautiful light, shapes and colors that surrounds me. My images originate from my foreign travels as well as the magnificent landscapes of the Northwest.



Oil Painting Workshops with Liana Bennett


Plein-Air Workshops & Classes with Mitchell Albala


Oil Painting & Plein-Air Workshops with Emiliya Lane


Plein-Air Workshop with Jim Lamb


Plein-Air Workshops with Richard McKinley


Painting in Tuscany, Italy with Jane Wallis & Donna Trent


Pastel Classes & Plein-Air Workshops with Janet Hamilton


Pastel Workshop with Debra Paris

1974-2009 Licensed Architect,Bachelor of Architecture, Michigan

Selected Exhibitions

Scott Milo Gallery, Anacortes, WA(2019-2021)

Gallery North, Edmonds, WA(2018)

Goodstuff Gallery, Anacortes, WA(2016-2019)

Edmonds Arts Festival, Edmonds, WA(2008-2016)

Liberty Gallery, Poulsbo, WA(2014-2015)

Northwest Pastel Society, Signature Member

Christopher's Gallery, Edmonds, WA(2009-2013)

Festa Italia Seattle Exhibit (2013 & 2014)

Live Arts Juried Art Show, Bothell, WA(2012)

Juried Art Show, Kenmore, WA(2008)

Collective Visions Gallery, WA(2008)

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