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Michelle Bear

Featured Works of Art

Cascade Study 2 Boulder River
Acrylic on paper on canvas
30" x 36"
Cascade Study 8 Pilchuck
Acrylic on paper on canvas
30" x 36"
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Artist's Bio

These pieces are an exploration of the avian landscape and the processes, natural or man-made, that shape the earth.The landscape genre has always been a powerful vehicle for drawing us inwards via observation of the external environment.When looking at my landscape-type work, of sky and earth, I wonder what lies within.I believe a connection resides there.Creating a sense of place is paramount to our connection to community.

I am inspired by land.My influences include many natural sources, such as geography texts, field guides, beaches, oceans, forests, mountains, and rivers, as well artists like Joseph Beuys and the Arte Povera movement.I feel texture, subject and context are essential to my development.

I was born in Wisconsin and grew up on the farmlands and restored prairies of northern Illinois.I received my BFA from Rockford College in Illinois and have shown my work in the Midwest and Washington.My employment as an Interpretive Specialist with the city of Edmonds had provided vast opportunities to expand my knowledge of local flora and fauna and has created a deeper sense of place- a sense of home.

Artist Resume

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