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Dreams in the Sky

It's Nice Being in the Clouds

It's Nice Being in the Clouds

Acrylic Oil
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About the Artist

I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. I lived in England, France and Spain for several years, where I studied and worked. Living in the most remarkable European cities gave me access to the best museums and art galleries where I admired and was inspired by the works of old classics and contemporary masterpieces, and the artists behind them. Back to my home country, I spent years in the Amazon jungle, managing my jungle resort hotel. There I learned about the land's ancient ancestral culture, and wonderful expressions of indigenous art. I immersed myself in the magic soul of nature; finding me in the middle of a symphony of sounds, lights, colors, and life.

In 2003, I moved to the Pacific NW, where I pursued and started to develop my artistic aptitudes, attending art classes at Edmonds Community College, along with extensive drawing and painting classes, developing techniques with my favorites mediums: pastels, acrylics and oils, under the teachings of great artists in the Seattle area: Jaime Olaya (Colombia), Tomas Oliva (Cuba), and Andy Eccleshall (England).

I have participated for several years in the Edmonds Art Walk. My paintings are of oneiric realism, inspired in Nature: skies, sea, mountains, with a focus on clouds: dramatic or serene. As an artist it is my desire to transmit to the viewer the beauty and communion I feel when creating my paintings, I want to share the silent space where you find your real self.

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