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Sarah Rehfeldt

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Thumbnail of mosaic painting; mosaic of waves

Water Music

Size: 2' x 6'
Click the photo to view the art piece in full.

About the Artist

Sarah Rehfeldt lives with her family in Issaquah, WA, where she is an artist, photographer, and writer. Her work has been exhibited in Washington and Oregon, as well as on the east coast. A Pushcart nominee and author of two collections of image poems, her poetry has appeared in over 50 publications, including Appalachia; Weber – the Contemporary West; and Presence: An International Journal of Spiritual Direction. Sarah is a caregiver for an adult son with disabilities; the creative life has always been a source of respite for her. You can visit her photography, art, and poetry web pages at: www.pbase.com/candanceski


In general, I work spontaneously, which means I don’t start out with an idea in my head about the way I want a piece to look when it’s finished. Instead, I like to see where the creative process leads me – it is like taking a “journey” with the art as it progresses. All of my art is about connection. It is the exploration of the way certain elements fit together – like color, shape, line, and texture. Working with materials such as glass, wood, shell, and stone connects me to the earth and nature. There is something deeply satisfying about making a mosaic, because the process involves taking broken fragments of this and that and piecing them together to create something new and whole.

I am so pleased to be a part of the ‘Northwest Waters’ show and am looking forward to seeing other artists’ interpretations of the theme. The water of the Puget Sound is filled with endless rhythms, shapes, and patterns. Looking into the water can be so mesmerizing and calming. I hope my mosaic, “Water Music,” will convey that same beauty and peace.

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