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Food & Beverage Guidelines


By signing the master License Agreement for your event, Licensee (client) agrees to abide by all of the policies and procedures of the Lynnwood Convention Center, including these Food & Beverage Guidelines.

Exclusive Caterer

Lynnwood Convention Center is the exclusive food and beverage provider. Outside food and beverage is prohibited.

Alcohol Service

The Lynnwood Convention Center sets alcohol service policies to abide within
Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board (WSLCB) regulations and to ensure the
safety of all guests. These policies include:

- Bar services are not to exceed six (6) hours for any one event.
- All alcoholic beverage service must end at least thirty (30) minutes prior to the
scheduled event end time and no later than 12:00am (midnight).
- Alcohol will not be served to underage or apparently intoxicated guests.
- Alcoholic beverages may not be removed from the premises.
- No outside alcohol is permitted inside the building without prior written consent
of the Lynnwood Convention Center.
- The Lynnwood Convention Center reserves the right to cease alcohol service at any time during the event for violation of these policies or any other WSLCB regulation.
Catering services are proudly operated by the Lynnwood Convention Center where the goal is to offer the highest quality products and services while helping to create truly memorable experiences. The Executive Chef and his team of culinary experts take great pride in delivering fresh, unique, and flavorful dishes with a focus on local produce and northwest wines.

Food Service

To preserve freshness, food quality, ensure food safety and reduce food waste, buffet menu packages are designed to be displayed to guests for one (1) hour. Break packages are designed to be displayed for thirty (30) minutes.

Menu Selection

Lynnwood Convention Center offers a wide assortment of menu selections and options sure to satisfy any pallet. Event Managers can also assist in custom, themed or ethnic cuisine elements for any event. The Lynnwood Convention Center culinary team welcomes the opportunity to customize menus and services to create unique and thematic events.


Lynnwood Convention Center accepts all major credit cards, cash, business checks, cashier’s checks and money orders. A signed Credit Card Authorization Form, which can be provided by Lynnwood Convention Center, is required for all credit card

payments. Lynnwood Convention Center requires a License Fee payment, per section 4 of License Agreement, at time of contract due date. The remaining balance (catering, audiovisual, electrical, etc.) is due three business days prior to event. Any adjustments made after this date will be reconciled for final invoicing. Any variance to this standard policy will be detailed in the License Agreement. The Lynnwood Convention Center does not extend direct billing without prior approval and consideration is on a case by case basis.


Due to market fluctuations, menu prices are subject to change. Pricing for the event will be fixed within 60 days of the event. Catered functions require a minimum purchase of $150 in food and beverage, before administrative charge and tax. Should the total food and beverage purchase, before administrative charge and tax, not meet the minimum, the balance will be invoiced to the client. All buffet pricing is based on one hour service time. Additional labor fees may apply for service time in excess of two hours.

A 21% administrative charge will be applied to all food and beverage sales (including alcohol). This Administrative Fee is retained to defray administrative costs; it is not intended to be a tip, gratuity or service charge and will not be distributed to employees. A 10.6% sales tax will be applied to all food, beverage (including alcohol), labor, additional services and administrative charges.

Timeline and Guarantee

As the menus are seasonal, Lynnwood Convention Center suggests that clients make the initial menu selection no more than four months prior to an event. To make a determination on menus prior to this, please contact the Event Manager for assistance. Initial menu selection and estimated attendance are required 30 days prior to the scheduled event. Any major changes must be made two weeks prior to the event date. A final guaranteed number of attendees (“final guarantee”) is required three business days prior to the event. A business day is defined as Monday-Friday and does not include holidays. For example, an event on Wednesday must be confirmed on the previous Thursday by 5:00pm, (Pacific Time).

If the final guarantee is not received within three business days prior to the day of the scheduled event, the estimated attendance number specified on the License Agreement will be designated as the final guarantee.

Once determined, the final guarantee is not subject to increases. If an increase is requested by the client and Lynnwood Convention Center is able to accommodate, a 25% overage fee will be added to any additional entrées.

Vegetarian options are available with all plated entrées. Vegetarian counts are to be specified by client at time of final guarantee. The Lynnwood Convention Center customarily prepares vegetarian meals based on Chef’s choice and the main entrées selected. If any attendees require special dietary restrictions, please also notify Event Manager as soon as possible.

Final charges will be based upon the final guarantee or the actual meal count, whichever is greater.


The cancellation of any food and beverage services must be received in writing. Should the event License Agreement be based on a minimum food and beverage purchase (F&B Minimum), which is included as part of the license fee, then the cancellation policies stipulated in the License Agreement will prevail. Should the event License Agreement NOT be based on a minimum food and beverage purchase (F&B Minimum), the following cancellation fees apply:

Prior to Scheduled Event /

Cancellation Fee % of Estimated Lost Food & Beverage Revenue

0 - 7 Days 100%
8 - 30 Days 75%
31 - 60 Days 50%
61 - 90 Days 25%

Excess Food

Lynnwood Convention Center adheres to state and local health guidelines which dictate that food items may not be taken off the premises. Accordingly, all food and beverage prepared and provided by Lynnwood Convention Center must be consumed during the specific event and may not be taken off property. To minimize potential waste, excess prepared food is composted or donated under regulated conditions to agencies feeding the underprivileged.

Concession Cart Service

Hosted and Non-Hosted Concession Cart services are available exclusively through Lynnwood Convention Center. Espresso, Drip Coffee, Pastries, Sandwiches, Salads and Assorted Snacks.

Hosted and Non-Hosted Concession Sales $500 for a four (4) hour minimum service. Hours may be extended at a rate of $125 per hour. All Concession Cart Services will be determined at the sole discretion of Lynnwood Convention Center management.

Dessert Dash

Designed exclusively for our Auction and Fundraising Gala events, the Lynnwood Convention Center offers three levels of service for your Dessert Dash. Your Event Manager will be happy to discuss which option would be best suited for your event.

Option A: Complimentary Service

Client places marker indicating winning table number at the dessert display. At the appointed time, a Lynnwood Convention Center server delivers the dessert to the winning table with utensils and plates for self service.

Option B: Enhanced Service $250

Client places marker indicating winning table number at the dessert display. Lynnwood Convention Center servers collect desserts, and slice them back of house. At the appointed time, the sliced desserts are delivered to each winning table. Dessert
Dash must be done prior to Entrée service to allow for adequate dessert service time.

Option C: Premium Service $500

Client places marker indicating winning table number at the dessert display. Lynnwood Convention Center servers collect desserts, slice, and immediately serve the sliced desserts to each winning table. Dessert Dash may be done at any time
during the event.

Decorations, Florals and Entertainment

In an effort to provide a one-stop-shopping option, the Event Manager is available to assist you with a variety of services including fresh flowers, thematic decorations, specialty linens, center pieces, DJ services and live entertainment to enhance events.
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