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Q: Does your WiFi require a password?

A: No, our public WiFi network called “LCC Free” is completely open and does not require a username or password.

Q: Can you guarantee X connection speed?

A: No, just be mindful the less people we have in the building using the WiFi, the faster the speed and vice versa.

Q: Do you block any sites or have download limits?

A: We do not, however we reserve the right to block sites or kick users who we suspect to be abusing the network at our sole discretion.

Q: Does your WiFi Network Support a/b/g/n WLAN protocol?

A: Yes, our wireless access points are dual radio and support a/b/g/n WLAN protocols.

Q: Do you block rouge APs (e.g. MiFi, phone tethering)?

A: No, we do not block any connections on the public WiFi.

Q: Can we purchase dedicated bandwidth through the convention center, but supply our own WiFi system infrastructure?

A: No

Q: Can we get a special VPN and SSID set up for our event?

A: Any group can use their own VPN to connect back to their HQ as that is the origination point for the VPN. The P means Private, and we do not manage private connections on our network.
A: Yes, this is possible for SSID. This is the “Event Premium Wireless” listed in our pricing sheet for $500.This has been termed the “velvet rope experience.” The group essentially can get on the internet faster, have their own randomly generated code, with the event name and password. This is still the same address pool though, not segregated.

Q: I can’t access my Company’s secure website site/VPN on your WiFi, can you fix that?

A: If a guest is experiencing an issue connecting to a corporate site or VPN, they should contact their corporate IT administrator for assistance as it is likely not an Convention Center issue.

Q: Our credit card machine WiFi option requires it to operate on a secured WiFi network, can you provide that for me?

A: Yes, but we would need to set-up a separate secure VLAN for the client which would be upwards of $1,000. We would recommend using a telephone line or cat-5 connection for a fraction of the price if your machine allows that option.

Q: Is there any increase in speed when ordering a hard-wired internet line vs. using WiFi?

A: No, while hard-wired internet uses the same firewall switch to the public internet, the speed and connection will be more stable and consistent.

Q: What is a Static IP? Is it wired or wireless?

A: An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a unique number assigned to every device on a network. Most devices use Dynamic IP addresses which are assigned by the network when they connect and change over time.
A: Static IP, (also called fixed or dedicated IP address), is a number assigned to a computer or device to be its permanent address on the internet. Static IPs limit downtime and would be used for remote access to business office resources, hosting a website, file sharing, online video games, all of which normally require constantly active connections.
With this, there is no anti-virus, blocking or security. Typically, the client would bring in their own routers and equipment. Please ask customers if they are bringing in their own equipment.
A: Static IPs cannot be used on our wireless network, they are outside of it.

Q: How do we connect a wireless credit card machine?

A: To the free WiFi or have us set up a secure SSID for the event.
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