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Photo Gallery

Wedding Ceremonies

A path lined with rose petals leads to a bride and groom. Guests sit to the left and the right of the path.
Chairs covered in individual white covers, complete with a purple bow, face a stage dressed for a wedding.
A bride walks down the aisle as the guests stand up. Six men stand at the end of the aisle.
Bride and Groom hold hands as they walk down the aisle.
Two decorative chairs face a small, flower laden table. Vases of flowers stand next to each chair.
A bride walks down the aisle with a man. Guests line the aisle and stand as she walks by.
A stage stands in front of a dance floor. A white couch is flanked by two chairs and vases full of beautiful flowers.

Wedding Receptions

Wedding decorations cover a room. White flowers adorn the table, while a white cake is also viable.
White flower laden table stands in front of two chairs. A chandler hangs from the ceiling in front of a white backdrop.
Tables and chairs draped in white cloth face toward a stage. Brilliant lights surround the room.
A bride and groom kiss as guests wave sparklers.
Tables look towards a stage with a white sofa. The table is set with utensils and red napkins.
Tables and chairs stand in front of a stage. The stage is flanked by two projection screens. Drapes adorn the ceiling.
A vase of white flowers is surrounded by plates. Tables stretch out into the room. Blue lights dance up the wall.
A bride smiles as she serves herself some delicious food off of a buffet. Additional guests can be seen behind her.
A long table, set with utensils and flowers, is next to a small round table. The round table has a layered cake.
A close up of a meticulously set table. Plates, napkins and utensils surround a vase of beautiful flowers.
A close up of orange and red flowers on a set table. Candles are next to the flowers, along with plates and water glasses.
Tables have been set with plates, utensils and napkins. Flowers are the centerpiece of each table, and are flanked by two candles.
Set tables look towards a brightly lit stage. Drapes swing from the ceiling, and projection screens flank the stage.
A bride gets ready to throw her bouquet. A group of women and girls stand behind her.
Multiple people dance in this black and white photo.
A long table is covered in a gold tablecloth. Chairs are also covered in gold cloth. Candles and green plants adorn the table.
Set tables look toward a stage. Drapes fall from the ceiling/ Black drapes hang from the wall.
Set tables extend into the low light room. The tables are meticulously set, but no food is yet on the tables.
A close up of the flowers on a table. The flowers are mostly white and the tablecloth is a brilliant pinkish red.
Two guests stand near a small round table to examine the flowers. Beautiful white, gold and red curtains cover the wall.
A long table has been set for dinner. Only one side of the table has chairs.

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